Brands, try and put a face to your business

Don’t hide behind a product or service. 

Remember that people connect with people; before they buy, they ask other people; and they often buy from people they trust. 

Connect them to your story, not just to your latest innovation.

The following is a great example of a brand doing just that. 

How Cotard became more than just a chocolate store 

This weekend, as I waited to pay for my chocolate, I noticed that Cotard Chocolatier had rebranded their store. 

The visual was striking! 

On the wall next to the cash, they plastered a giant photograph of the chocolatier himself. 

We can see him carefully chopping away at one of his infamous bear sculptures—one chocolate-covered hand inside the bear’s black & white mouth, fingers between teeth; the other, enveloping his furry neck.

Michaël Cotard

The wall inscription behind the cash said: The best chocolatier in Canada. 

Oh, that’s Cotard! I thought to myself.

Today’s Cotard

Today’s Cotard is not simply in the business of selling chocolates. The brand invites you to find out more about their chocolatier; to see him backstage—this artist-like figure absorbed by his passion. 

The man behind the brand is Michaël Cotard. And, according to their website, he earned several mentions and awards, including the 2015 title of Best Chocolatier in Canada awarded by the prestigious World Chocolate Masters.

That day, I wasn’t just buying chocolate, I was entering the story of this local chocolatier and his success across Canada.

That day, I wasn’t just buying chocolate, I was entering the story of this local chocolatier and his success across Canada.

I was admiring his various creations, wondering how he managed such angles.

Takeaway for brands

Don’t forget to bring forth your story (and showcase your people) so that when others interact with your brand they can become part of something larger—something human. 

Many companies can offer the same product. But the stories? The stories, and the connections they create, are as unique as our chocolate-covered fingerprints.

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