Tell your story differently. Infuse it with awe.

If you are looking to tell your brand story, why not tell it differently?

When we think of story, we often think of words on a page (be it physical or digital). Stories, however, can be told in a variety of ways.

For one, they don’t have to involve words at all. And they don’t have to live on a page.

One place to gain inspiration? The arts.

I recently visited two exhibits in Montréal, one at Centre PHI and another at Arsenal contemporary art. Here is what they’ve revealed about storytelling and how it can apply to your own brand.

Poetry and Tea at Centre PHI

Centre PHI is currently hosting Poetry and Tea, an innovative video series the result of an invitation launched by PHI to singers, musicians, and directors.

The participants are projected reciting a poem “that has touched their heart or inspired them on their journey,” while drinking tea.

As you walk in, you can hear all videos playing simultaneously.

You can either stand in front of each one and focus on a particular story. Or you can back away and get lost in the cacophony of sounds, capturing a word here and another one there, forming your own story.

“Above all, they invite us to make a place within for words that denounce, rhythms that soothe, and images that dare. Amorous feelings, maternal distress, devastating racism, spiritual quests, demands for social justice; the words paint a revealing portrait of their interpreters, introducing us to some of the new voices of contemporary poetry”

Centre PHI website

Frida Kahlo at Arsenal

Arsenal is presenting Friday Kahlo, An Immersive Biography, where you are invited on a visually-stimulating and musically-appealing journey.

The story, here, appeals to most of your sense. We’re only missing the smells of the rooms and gardens of La Casa Azul.

Otherwise, we are immersed in her journey, as flowers flow beneath our feet, and airplanes fly above our heads. The sirens of New York scream across the room while Mexican musique enlivens the space.

“The immersive biography of Frida Kahlo is presented without reproductions of paintings by artist with the intention of taking a further step in the new immersive languages. The innovative proposal explores the artist’s biography through collections of historical photographs, original films, digital environments, artistic Installations, collector’s items and newly created music that reproduce the most relevant moments of her life, inviting visitors to discover the incredible story that built the myth.”

Arsenal contemporary art website

In the end, we are invited to take a photograph in a photo booth (using Sergio Albiac’s code) and become part of Frida’s story.

A story we can then save to our phone and share away at will.

Next time you want to tell a story, why don’t you:

  1. Do so interactively, using movement and touch
  2. Tell it completely visually
  3. Invite interpretation
  4. Focus solely on sound
  5. Ask others (spoken word artists, for example) to speak your story
  6. Use a new medium you haven’t already (AI-powered photo booth anyone?)

Remember: don’t be afraid to experiment and think differently.

After all, words can run off the page and be spun on a gigantic screen; the page can transform to an immersive experience you can touch; and the story can be shouted from the rooftops of an AI-created building.

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