Tell your story differently. Infuse it with awe.

If you are looking to tell your brand story, why not tell it differently?

When we think of story, we often think of words on a page (be it physical or digital).

Stories, however, can be told in a variety of ways.


We see it happening in art spaces all the time. Below are some inspirations from my recent visits to various exhibits.

Next time you want to tell a story, why don’t you:

  1. Do so interactively, using movement and touch (as seen in the Friday Kahlo exhibit at Arsenal Contemporary Art)
  2. Tell it completely visually (inspired by a VR show at PHI Centre)
  3. Invite interpretation (involve your audience, and ask them to join their story to yours)
  4. Focus solely on sound (as the MMFA did with Basquiat)
  5. Ask others (spoken word artists, for example) to speak your story
  6. Use a new medium you haven’t already (AI-powered photo booth anyone?)

Don’t be afraid to experiment and think differently.

After all, words can run off the page and be spun on a gigantic screen.

The page can transform to an immersive experience you can touch.

And the story can be shouted from the rooftops of an AI-created building.

Remember: “the experience of story” can be just as significant as the story itself. If you don’t “go there,” someone else just might.

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