Stop selling your services. Start alleviating their problems.

Friendly reminder…

Stop selling YOUR services. 

Start speaking of that exceptional and personalized solution that will alleviate THEIR problem. 

(After you’ve asked questions and carefully listened to them speak, that is.) 

Sorry to break it to you, but…

Few are searching for your services. 

And even fewer care about your services. 

And for those clients that do land on your website, or connect with you, few know:

  1. What your services mean;
  2. How your services translate to their needs; or even
  3. Which ones they should be shopping for. 

If you must (on your website)

Try instead to:

  • Speak of how those services have helped other clients solve their pressing issues (they might see themselves in a story and relate)
  • Write from the client’s point of view, not your own (don’t focus on your incredible expertise; focus on their potential needs) 
  • Write simply (don’t come up with exotic or highly technical terms to describe your services; speak from the solutions they provide) 

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