3 cafes in Saint-Sauveur, QC, that put the story at the centre of coffee

The following are not only great spots to grab a cappuccino, open your Mac, or book, and write; they’re all filled with inspiring stories, adding soul to coffee and a certain “je ne sais quoi” to their spaces:


What I love: this newly opened cafe is not only highly instagrammable, it’s located in a quieter spot away from the noise of centre town.

And their story, of two sisters with a common dream, is just as soulful:

Drüp Cafe

What I love: the incredibly friendly service, the cosy farmhouse interior, and the lovely side terrasse covered by trees and hidden from passersby.

Not to mention that they have a sustainability story, which is at the core of their existence:

Café White

What I love: the beautiful bay window from which you can admire seasonal decors and do some people watching. In the summer, the terrasse is a delight to read, chat, or simply relax.

Not to mention their story about a couple from New Zealand and Quebec and the adventure that tied them together:

If you’re thinking of your own business or brand, don’t forget to include your story, because that’s the uniqueness that will differentiate you from the rest.

Not the matcha latte.

Nor the maple syrup-infused smoothie.

Someone can always steal those from you.

But your story… That’s what’s unique to you.

That’s the part competitors can’t steal, and that’s also the part that people connect with.

Your story, together with the great terrasse and delicious lavender scone, is the reason people come back for more. It’s essentially for any brand that wants to differentiate itself in the market.

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