Her passion: that word at that exact spot. How a line break can trigger an aha moment. How a comma can drastically shift thinking.

Her story begins in Belgrade.

Involves immigration, a civil war, and degrees in English Lit. and Philosophy.

Turns into a passion for words. Stories.

For the last 10 years, she held day jobs in communications, marketing, business development, and copywriting, having started at one of the largest IT companies in the world.

by l'orangerie photographie

She dipped a foot in entrepreneurship once, but it wasn’t the right time. Or so goes the story she tells herself.

She currently works as a “storyteller” for Canada’s largest law firm and loves it.

It all starts there: with the story, the human.

The imperfect.

The raw.

When she’s not drafting stories for businesses and brands–and thinking of customers, profits, and market share–she is writing creatively, as a poet.

In fact, she published a book about it.

And spent the month of May 2017 in the Rocky Mountains, completing a Writer’s Residency at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, surrounded by stunning wildlife and artists.

You’ll often find her in art spaces, soaking up stories.

She is currently based in Montréal with her French husband and blue-eyed baby boy.





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