Two Poems Have Appeared in Arc Poetry Magazine’s Annual 2011 Issue

Arc Poetry Magazine recently devoted an entire issue to ekphrasis (poems that interact with artworks): Annual 2011, Poet as Art Thief issue.

In it are two of my poems about Klimt’s paintings. The first about Park, a painting of his from 1909. It is partially a found poem, making a reference, in the first stanza, to commentary from one of the art critics I was reading at the time. The second poem, “Study in Pencil” imagines what could’ve happened behind the scenes as Klimt sketched his drawing.

In it are also poems by Stephanie Bolster, Gillian Sze, Sue Sinclair, John Barton, Jann Con, Harry Thurston and Anne Simpson.

Gillian’s poem, “To Ilse Bing, I & II”, is an especially beautiful exploration of a photograph, which is also a self portrait, from the National Gallery of Canada.

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