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  • Storytelling at Festilou

    Storytelling at Festilou

    This morning I brought my little one to Festilou, a Festival de contes pour la jeunesse, held at Théâtre de l’Esquisse on rue Marie-Anne. The piece we saw, entitled Petites sagesses, had three different storytellers, each as unique as their stories: Éric Michaud, Éveline Ménard and Saulo Olmedo Evans. We heard a story about a […]

  • Balkan’s Leonard Cohen is No More

    Djordje Balašević (1963-2021) “Life?” Balašević once said, “You know on the grave, where it’s written the year of birth and the year of death? Well, that dash in between, that’s life.” If that dash was short-lived for Balašević, who left us at 67 years of age, it made a grand impact on the Balkans over […]

  • Visual Arts Centre Zoom Reading

    Last night I read (virtually) alongside the infamous Louise Dupré, H. Nigel Thomas, James Dunnigan, and Anita Anand. The event was hosted by Ian Ferrier, who closed the Zoom reading with a deep sound performance. Louis Dupré moved me to near tears with her text about her mother, taken from her memoir. I also loved James’ tone–the quasi-Romantic […]

  • Virtual Poetry Reading Scheduled

    I’ve been invited to read (virtually) on Tuesday, July 14, 2020 at the Visual Arts Centre Zoom Reading. I look forward to reading and sharing some of my new work. I hope you will connect with us. Here are the details: Curator: Ilona Martonfi When: Tuesday, July 14, 2020 7:00PM – 8:30PM What: An Evening […]

  • Three Poems Published in Bengaluru Review

    Three of my poems have been recently accepted by Bengaluru Review. About the Review: “Bengaluru Review is an online magazine dedicated to art and its many expressions. Started as a joint collaboration by Abhivyakti and Atta Galatta, the magazine is run completely on submission basis. We publish reviews of books, poetry, plays, exhibitions, events, art festivals, films, […]

  • Brickyard by Brick Books

    Brickyard by Brick Books has accepted a video recording of my poetry. About Brickyard: “Brickyard is an audio/visual hub proud to showcase excellence in Canadian writers, poets, storytellers, and spoken word artists. Brickyard aims to build relationships with potential print-list authors while simultaneously showcasing the different kinds of poetries being performed in Canada. Using an […]

  • The Toronto Launch

    I flew over to TO and had a blast reading some of my poems to a newly discovered crowd. The Toronto Launch of Mansfield Press’ Fall 2017 Edition was held on Sunday, November 19 @ 2pm at Monarch Tavern (a landmark established in 1910 in the Little Italy neighbourhood). The event featured local poet and […]

  • Montreal Launch Photos

    Here are the photos from the Montreal book launch, which was held on Tuesday, Oct. 24th at 7pm at Dazibao. Photo credit: L’orangerie photographie.  

  • Visiting Lake Attersee this Summer

    This summer, I visited Lake Attersee with my man. We were passing through Austria on our way to Slovenia (from Prague), when I remembered the lake. We looked at the map, and sure enough, it was on our way. Seeing (and walking) where Klimt relaxed, rowed, and painted was stirring. The lake itself is immense […]

  • Writers Read with Daphne Marlatt and Erin Mouré

    On Friday night I attended another Writers Read at Concordia University, this time with Erin Mouré, who read brilliant dog poems (or poems with dogs in them), and Daphne Marlatt who read from her Sveva poems, among others. They were both in a (language) league of their own. You could practically fold the poems and […]