Visual Arts Centre Zoom Reading

Last night I read (virtually) alongside the infamous Louise DupréH. Nigel Thomas, James Dunnigan, and Anita Anand.

The event was hosted by Ian Ferrier, who closed the Zoom reading with a deep sound performance.

Louis Dupré moved me to near tears with her text about her mother, taken from her memoir.

I also loved James’ tone–the quasi-Romantic poet pace of his voice. Keats reincarnated?

I read some new poems (still very drafty in form) as well as two poems from Mechanics of a Gaze.

It was delightful hearing everyone and being invited into their spaces.

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 8.23.06 PM

I was initially skeptical about virtual readings, but they’re almost more intimate than in-person ones.

We get closer to face, to lips, to sound.

I look forward to more Zoom performances.




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