Brickyard by Brick Books

Brickyard by Brick Books has accepted a video recording of my poetry.

About Brickyard:

“Brickyard is an audio/visual hub proud to showcase excellence in Canadian writers, poets, storytellers, and spoken word artists.

Brickyard aims to build relationships with potential print-list authors while simultaneously showcasing the different kinds of poetries being performed in Canada. Using an audio format as a platform for exploring the relationships between sound and text, Brickyard was designed in part to expand the reach and the scope of our audience, which naturally includes diverse community members working in a variety of literary forms.

A primary goal of the Brickyard project is to develop an interface that will improve engagement with the print archive at Brick Books while simultaneously expanding the (imagined) confines of “the archive” in general.

By bringing in spoken word artists and other artists working in oral traditions, Brickyard is poised to become a more protean part of our publishing enterprise.

Spoken word is a continually changing tradition of storytelling that responds to questions of memory and history, present and future, the need for justice and the joys of artistic creation. A core objective of Brickyard is to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration through oral history, the arts, and the future of digital media.

At heart, Brickyard is a place to hear poetries that cross the borders of genre and push the envelope of the literary “text.” We hope Brickyard will make Brick Books a more vibrant and multi-dimensional press and present us with more opportunities to reach and represent a greater number of readers and listeners.”

You can hear it here.

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