meet the poets from last night’s “Poetry Recording Party”

The voices were as varied as the names.

The event was recorded in a multitrack format “with some microphones capturing the voices of the poets, and other mics placed in different locations to capture the sounds that will occur concurrently, but out of earshot of the actual reading (including, the sounds of the city’s Grand Prix celebrations).” Some of the poets who read at this event include:

Larissa Andrusyshyn
Maxianne Berger
Linda Besner
Stephanie Bolster
Asa Boxer
Jason Camlot
Jeramy Dodds
Tanya Evanson
Endre Farkas
Ian Ferrier
Raymond Filip
Helen Hajnoczky
Lee Hannigan
Catherine Kidd
Steve Luxton
Jeffrey Mackie
David McGimpsey
Ilona Martonfi
Stephen Morrissey
Daniel O’Leary
Branka Petrovic
Greg Santos
Carolyn Marie Souaid
Mike Spry
Carmine Starnino
John Emil Vincent
Darren Wershler

And more.

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