New Poems In The Antigonish Review

You can find three of my poems in the latest issue of The Antigonish Review.

About The Antigonish Review:

The Antigonish Review is a quarterly literary journal published by St. Francis Xavier University.

The Review features poetry, fiction, reviews and critical articles from all parts of Canada, the US and overseas, using original graphics to enliven the format.

For forty years, The Antigonish Review has consistently published fine poetry and prose by emerging — and established — writers. Their writing would not have been as readily available had it not been for the efforts of this review.

Many young writers have been given a start here. And some of these writers have gone on to become recognized in the larger literary community, such as Wayne Johnston, David Adams Richards, Carol Shields and Leo MacKay.

The work of local writer Sheldon Currie has been printed in our pages. Canadian luminaries Irving Layton, Dorothy Livesay, Milton Acorn, Louis Dudek, R.Murray Schafer, and Rohinton Mistry have all published in this review. Internationally acclaimed writers of the stature of Thomas Merton, Marshall McLuhan, Annie Dillard and Jane Jacobs have contributed their work as well.





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