It Has Arrived… The Antigonish Review With My Winning Poems

I received issue no 187 of The Antigonish Review in the mail today. Congratulations to the other two winners, Laisha Rosnau (1st Prize) and Sean Howard (3rd Prize).

You check out the entire content here. You can buy copies here.

Inside, an introduction reads:

“The judges awarded second prize to Branka Petrovic of Montreal, Quebec. Her entry consists of two multi-part poems set in fin-de-siècle Vienna. Both are ekphrastic poems. The first describes a photograph of Adèle-Bloch Bauer, the second Klimt’s painting of his dead baby boy son. The decadence, artificiality, the aestheticism so intense it is capable of extraordinary cruelty, the atrophy of desire, all of those are expressed in these poems, with a gleam and gloss of language that parodies the corruption it describes. Beneath what one of the judges called Klimt’s “scoured emotion” on the death of his child apocalypse prepares in the form of, to quote from one of the poems, “a massive buildup of extraordinary stuff” which will become the First World War. Seeming to be about only manners of style, these poems, at their deepest level, concern the decline and fall of an empire”

Kim Trainor & Peter Sanger

The beautiful cover art is Lunenburg Chowder, acrylic on canvas, 22″ x 28″, by Peter Blais

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