Poetry Book Published This Fall

It’s official: my poetry manuscript, inspired by the life and work of Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, has been accepted for publication.

The book will be coming out this fall with Mansfield Press.

The press is based in Toronto and I’m working with publisher Denis De Klerck.

Everything happened so quickly; I’m currently (insanely) busy applying the final touches: working on the Notes page, the Acknowledgments page, the blurbs…

I also spend my days editing titles and tweaking commas. Maybe not this word; maybe a semi-colon there.

The final sprint is here…

I’ve so many people to thank; because, believe it or not, it takes a village to bring a book to print.

It really does.


About the Press:

“Mansfield Press has become one of the best places to find groundbreaking and challenging work. With a strong focus on poetry, Mansfield Press is dedicated to nurturing a new generation of writers and introducing them to the world.

Located in the heart of Toronto’s Little Italy, with strong local community ties, Mansfield Press helps foster the important exchange between writers and readers, whether they meet in person, or on the page.”


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  1. Jacques Deforges

    Great news! You deserve it and I am looking forward reading your book!

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