Visiting Lake Attersee this Summer

This summer, I visited Lake Attersee with my man.

We were passing through Austria on our way to Slovenia (from Prague), when I remembered the lake.

We looked at the map, and sure enough, it was on our way.

Seeing (and walking) where Klimt relaxed, rowed, and painted was stirring.

The lake itself is immense and beautiful.

It’s a very popular tourist attraction, with many boat docks. Below are some photos of my visit.


More about the lake and it’s history can be found on

“Klimt spent the summer together with Emilie Flöge in Litzlberg on Lake Attersee. Not far from the brewery, where the where lodged, was a boat shed. From the jetty of this little boat house, Klimt accomplished Attersee. He very probably used a viewer to seek out this specific segment of the lake. The impressionistic surface of the water shown in this painting, achieved by setting different coloured strokes next to each other, gives a very lively impression of the Lake in summer.

Attersee (also known as the Kammersee or Lake Attersee) is the largest lake of the Salzkammergut area of Austria. It extends for about 20 km from north to south and 4 km from east to west. Its water comes from the Seeache, which flows out of another lake, the Mondsee. The Höllengebirge (literally meaning mountains of hell), with a height of up to 1,800 m, are located southeast of the lake. Situated to the southwest of the lake is the Schafberg (the “Sheep Mountain”, 1,782 m). At Litzlberg, there is a small island château, which Gustav Klimt frequently visited during the summer. Image:Gustav Klimt 065.jpg|thumb|left|220px|Schloss Kammer am Attersee. Gustav Klimt, 1910. Due to its steady winds and clean water quality, Attersee is famous for attracting sailors and swimmers alike. During the season numerous sailing competitions are held. One of the most cherished winds on Attersee is the so-called “Rosenwind” meaning “breeze of roses”. It is an easterly wind that crosses a castle’s rose garden and fills the air across the lake with the smell of roses. The best time to visit Attersee is during spring, summer and autumn. Because of the lake’s size and despite the cold temperatures during winter the lake rarely freezes. The last time the lake was entirely covered with ice was in the late 1940s, when people were seen skating and riding motorcycles across the thickly frozen surface of the lake. The following types of fish live in the lake: * Northern pike|pike * brown trout * rainbow trout * lake Arctic char|char (Salvelinus alpinus) * European eel * carp * burbot * perch * whitefish

In August 1870, remains of prehistoric pile dwellings were found at Seewalchen near the northern end of the lake. In the middle of the 19th Century paddlesteamers were introduced on the lake to ferry mail and goods between the villages located around the Attersee. Today it is an important recreation site for people from the urban areas of Vienna and Linz.”


Below are some photographs of Klimt and Flöge, as well as some of Klimt’s paintings on the lake.


Here are some of his paintings of Attersee:



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